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The Celibate's Song
I don't have to do what you do
For you to consider me having a life too
I can do what I want to
Get your own life right
Stop meddling in mine
And stop trying to start a fight
If you're so happy then why you mad at me?
My decisions has nothing
To do with the
Issue of right or wrong
Or good or bad
But you can't see that
And that's so sad
You see
I got my reasons for being me
All around me
This is what I see
All the sex in movies
Just ruined it for me
That's all anyone can talk about
Who's doing this one
And who's with that one
I can't find the man for me
He doesn't exist
It's all a fantasy
Even if he could be real
I'm too far gone
You see
I'm at peace with myself
I'm one with the universe
Being with someone is just a curse
You can meet them on the net
You can meet them on the street
You can meet them anywhere
But they're nothing like
The men in the movies
They lack
They lack
They lack personality
They talk about the same ol' thing
The older I get
The more things stay
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Mature content
I Hate Anime :iconspocksfirstone:SpocksFirstOne 1 4
We could be the pages of a book
Written by the hands of time
Only to be erased and replaced
At the will of our faceless god
How do you know that the sea is blue
If you have never been?
How do you know if the ocean is really there
If you have never been?
We could be the troupe of a reality show
Running about and acting out
For those who we unknowingly toll
Degrading ourselves and we don’t even know
How do you know the ancients were there
If you have never visited the past?
It could all be a lie
Concocted of misinformation for you and I
Chorus: We could be trapped in our insanity
     A world made for you and me
 A world full of each other’s dreams
 We, the living, are dead
 And all of the newborn children
 Have already died
 We could be trapped in our insanity
 Lost in a labyrinth of hollow souls
 Struggling in this endless maze
 Being the subjects of a playwright’s stage
 And we don’t even know
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What I Wish For
What I wish for
is not death.
It is nothing like suicide,
but more of no longer
needing to exist.
I wish that I could wink out of this life,
my consciousness drifting high
to mingle with the gentle breeze that stir the tree leaves
while my husk,
my body,
crumbles to the ground,
left where it fell to be recycled by the earth.
What I wish for
is nothingness.
No need to want,
no need for desire,
no need to care,
no need for dependency,
no one depending on me
and me not depending on them.
What I wish for
is to be free from this lump of flesh
and tired bones.
Free from the bickery of others,
the cacophony banter that flesh bags make
as they whine about the mess of a life they have made.
I wish for peace,
I wish for solace,
I wish for nothing but silence,
to drift among the cosmos
as life everlasting
and not have to come home,
I wish for me and me alone.
© 2016 L. M. Stephens
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Can I Think About It?
I'm holding on so tight
But it's painfully beyond my grasp
It's slipping through my fingers
And I'm left to watch the hands on the clock
As it goes tick tock
As time is not on my side
You're doing this on purpose
You're doing this on purpose
Bleeding me out
Watching me suffer
You control me
I'll give you everything
I loooooove you
I'm traaaansfixed by you
But you won't let me do it
You won't let me touch you
You command me to do no more
I am your puppet dangling on your string
I'm asking you
I'm beeeeggging you
Can I think about it?
You loving me
And me loving you
Can I think about it?
Your lovely form
And the things that lovers do
Can I think about it?
Why do you taunt me?
Why do you abjure me?
Why do you ignore me?
Why do you suppress me?
Why do you reject me?
Can I at least think about it?
Can I at least...
Can I at least...
You're looking like a god tonight
You're feasting on my mounting appetite
You're so cunning
That look in your eyes is haunting
Why do you do this to me
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Mature content
Nope, Don't Know You :iconspocksfirstone:SpocksFirstOne 0 3
Mature content
No, I Don't Want Your Man II: The Chicken Head :iconspocksfirstone:SpocksFirstOne 0 0
Mature content
You Straight Trekking Boo :iconspocksfirstone:SpocksFirstOne 1 5
Assembly Line
They all want to be like the men in the movies
The shiny star getting all the cuties
Driving around in fancy cars
Wooing the women's clothes off
God, they don’t know who to be
So, they look up to the men in the movies
They can’t find out on their own
They're so convinced they're gonna be alone
If they try to figure it out on their own
Chorus: Men don’t come from inside
               They don’t come from inside like me and you
               They roll them off of an assembly line
               And they gotta be told what to do
               They don’t know what is good or what is pretty
                So, they all go for the girl in the movies
                They can't figure it out on their own
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Freedom In My Chastity
I'm sick of everybody in my business
Wondering who I'm with
And how I’m kicking it
Wondering who I'm doing the dirty with
Wondering who I’m at home with
If it means anything to you
I'll be going home alone
I got better things to do
Then to sit up under someone
Grunting and groaning and carrying on
Chorus: You see, I am free in my chastity
             I got solace all by myself
             Yes, I am free, yes, yes
              I answer to me and me alone
              I got no drama
              Ain't nobody’s baby mama
             And I plan on keeping it like that
You may whisper about my personal life
Make assumptions based on conjecture
Just because I’m sleeping alone
That don’t make me homo
But I think you know more
About that than I do
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Mature content
Serenity :iconspocksfirstone:SpocksFirstOne 2 2
Mature content
No, I Don't Want Your Man :iconspocksfirstone:SpocksFirstOne 2 0
MM Shapeshifter Overview

Shapeshifter Overview:
- Shapeshifters can only turn into animals and not humans or insects. They do not have the bestial form of a werewolf or werecat. They cannot speak in their animal form. Shapeshifters are the loners of the supernatural world. They do not run in packs and it is rare to see a bunch of them in one place. Shapeshifters are not created the way that werecats and werewolves are made, there is no bite, there are no genes that are passed from parent to child. So how are they created? Some say they are spirits of the animal world that have merged with humans, but no one really knows and therefore they are the biggest mystery of the supernatural world. Most shapeshifters keep to themselves and most are shunned by their family if their family find out. Some shapeshifters actually long for the day that they meet another like themselves.
-    Powers:
saliva that heals
fast healing
whatever traits the animal has that they become
communicate w
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MM Human Overview

Humans Overview
- These are the subgroups of humans as the supernatural view them besides the regular everyday humans
•    Belle/Beau Sang (Beautiful Blood; singular and plural) - This is a trusted human pet used as a stable blood source for a vampire, belle sang are female and beau sang are male. The Sang have networked and found their way to the vampire subculture. They are very precious to the vampire and some are even kept as breeders, especially if they are extremely beautiful. Some bloodlines of Sang go back as far as seven centuries. The sang all start out the same, worshipping the dark horror movies featuring vampires, hanging out in commentaries, drinking animal blood and then one day they find their way to the right club and they’re called in upon the flock. Only the highly valued and loyal human will be chosen and they are sworn to secrecy and if they break that trust it will not end well for them. The Sang know that many raves
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MM Demon - Cambion Overview

-    Offspring of an incubus or succubus and a human. They are born in demon form and have to be glamoured by their parents. Cambions are favorable among demons. Though they are half human they are usually demonic and have a devious nature. They are very carnal like their parents. Depending on their demonic parent's rank in hell they can be very strong or weak. They do not have a pulse or breath when they are born and grow to adulthood within a year. They are usually cunning, beautiful and persuasive with evil tendencies.
- Powers:
life/soul absorption – suck the life/soul out of someone through sex or kissing; the victim usually experiences being weak and lethargic until they finally die; this is how the succubus and incubus eat; as they eat, their bodies emit a subtle ghostly glow
human disguise
superhuman strength
superhuman speed
sharp fingernails
superhuman stamina
fast healing
- Weakness:
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MM Vampire Overview

Vampire Overview:
-    Vampires are humans that have died but have been brought back to life through some intervention. Essentially it is a corpse that is animated and has all characteristics of a human being though it does not have the normal bodily functions of a human being. It must feast on blood to 'live'. Younger vampires do not eat or drink human food, nor do they have a heartbeat or breathe and they feel cold to the touch. Naturally werewolves are enemies of vampires and see the vampire as an abomination. Animals are sometimes weary of vampires that they come in contact with. Most vampires, besides aînés, duc and duchesse, do not know the identity of the ancien but when she is around they will feel her immense presence of importance and will want to respect her. Vampires have a very odd relationship with werecats. They neither like nor dislike them. However, vampires do favor them as pets.
- Ages and Powers:
All ages are determined
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Here's what's up!

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Some of the most awesome work I've come across. Stop by their profiles and give them some love.




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L. M. Stephens
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm here to check out art and expose the world to all the strange and unusal shit I write. Feel free to hit me up for a chat anytime. Ciao!

This should go without saying but do not steal my work! Art is automatically copyrighted when you submit it to dA but this is a disclaimer, so you have been warned.

By the way, 100% of the men in my writting are gay and bisexual. Yea, thought you should know.
Alrighty, I'm coming to you with feature three. Are you ready? I got two works from my buddy :iconkashbugg: and I love me some Kashbuggy, haha. He's a cool guy and writes excellent poetry. I like his stuff because it has good flow and rhythm and imagery. :iconkashbugg: is also in :iconthewriteword-poetry: and he is an admin for :iconthewriteword-prose:. I contacted him asking if he'd be an admin and he was like yea, I'm more of a poetry guy, but I'm working on a book so I'll help you out, so that was nice of him. Anyway, here you go, feast your eyes on some good poetry:

Fallen SaviorI stand between broken bones and guts
My body disfigured by cuts
I severed their limbs, their dreams and hopes
To me their illusions were just jokes
I destroyed their bodies
For the purest cause
For they don't matter
I kneel within a shattered city
My hands disfigured by burns
I tore down the walls, to the last graffiti
It is now that your hero returns
I destroyed their houses
For the purest cause
For they don't matter
You lay in my tired arms, unconscious
Your face still feels so gorgeous
You blinded my eyes, burned my depraved soul
But still I reached my highest goal
I destroyed their bodies
For the purest cause
I tore down their houses
For the purest cause
I gave my precious life
For the purest cause
For none of these matter anymore
I did it all for you!
     Life Is WarHe works hard and fights the bills
Overcomes this paper hills
Until his mind is worn out
And his only joy is stout
The depressive fights a roach
Pills are his final approach
But he won't stop to fight himself
His happy thoughts dumped on the shelf
They all lose this fight
For their weapons are not strong
It is the sad truth
Life is war
She is fighting her addiction
Drowning in her own affliction
The children lend their energy
And they finance the therapy
Still there was no help or guidance
She never gained back her balance
This overhelming silence
Follows a choir of sirens
They all lose this fight
For their weapons are not strong
It is the sad truth
Life is war
But I will fool the Grim Reaper
To me he is just a sweeper
I am armed with an honest smile
Which makes me very versatile
And thus I surpassed all of you!
I am the first drop of fresh dew
Why so cruel? You ask
You drew me to this task!
Society raised me to be
But it does not matter
I am just a hacke

Peace out!
Hey, hey, video #7 from TheWriterGang is here. Take a look:

See you later!
Hey y'all! Chen just rolled out a new one and he did another of my poems, it starts at 13! Enjoy and if you like these videos please share them on any social media that you are on and fav them here on dA. Thank you!


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